You’ll never walk alone

Yesterday, I learned that the famous slogan of the Liverpool football team “You’ll never walk alone” was originally from a song. The song was composed by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein (also famous for the musical Sound of Music) as part of their musical “Carousel”. It was later made into the more familiar version by Gerry and the pacemakers, a British band. Then adopted by Liverpool F.C.

I loved listening to a good podcast, especially if I am taking a walk or doing something repetitive like washing utensils or cooking. Lately been listening to The Anthropocene Review by John Green where he reviews stories often part of our human experience and our present culture.
The review of “You’ll never walk alone” is a great and informative. The podcast itself is highly entertaining too.

Here is their song.

Credit: The Anthropocene Review was recommended to me by Hardeep Asrani (a WordPress developer extraordinaire)

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