About me

Hello, my name is Aditya. I love writing about things from time to time and have been blogging since 2009. I have lived much of my life in the two cities of Mumbai and Pune in India.

I believe that the core tenets of open-source culture and philosophy should make its way into education, politics, law, economics and more.

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The Name “Bombay Pirate”

What does the name mean?

I thought pirates were cool, out in the open seas raging against the machine. This was a time when I wanted to break out, do one thing that was different from what others were doing. That is also when this blog and my writing journey started. Hence “Pirate” which always reminds me of my angst and reasons to start blogging.

Bombay is where I grew up. I largely refer to it as Mumbai (especially in my native Marathi) but to copy and change a line from Chennai-Madras – “Mumbai is a name, Bombay is an emotion”.

Hence Bombay Pirate!