Yeah!! Yapapaya!

Early in July, I quit my old job of almost 7 years. Around the same time, Ganesh, a friend also quit and started to work on building a WordPress based company in Pune. It’s name Yapapaya. Among the folks at YapapayaGanesh Kerkar and Saurabh Shukla are probably the best friends I have in Pune.

Since I was friends with them, I started to enjoy watching their struggles (not in a Schadenfreude way), their discussions and philosophy around which they were building a company.

So sometime in mid-August, I thought, I would like to work for such a company. New, different and full of ideas that I was interested in. So I asked them if they wanted a partner aboard.

After some discussions we decided, I should be a part of Yapapaya. 🙂

And  thus, a new phase of life for me has started, and yes the name really is Yapapaya.

Chief Culture Office – The weird title!

One morning, Saurabh called me and asked me about what should be my title. I have always found job titles a bit silly. With a general dislike for strict hierarchies and pyramid style organisations, though I guess in some industries it matters.

I feel there is a lot of unnecessary reverence shown to titles. So  I thought it should be something irreverent and speak more about doing something rather than sounding authoritative.

Hence ‘Culture’.

I would be managing internal and external communications, interacting with the WordPress community, ensuring an environment that was open, free, safe and respectful of each individual and also helping at marketing by having a million interesting conversations with people around the world.

Here are my colleagues with whom I work with.


6 responses to “Yeah!! Yapapaya!”

  1. Raj Mehta Avatar

    I loved the word you used: Schadenfreude!

    So happy for you man. I really like Yapapaya, and it’s even better now with you in 🙂

    All the best to you and your workmates, I’m expecting awesome things from your side (y)

    1. We have talked about this a bit in person 🙂 – Yes, I am excited about the prospect of doing interesting and fun things at Yapapaya.

  2. Congrats! ?
    All the best to you and the guys!

    1. Thanks dude!

  3. Wish you all the best on this new journey. Company culture is must-have rather than nice-to-have thing these days.

    1. Company culture at times is a bit of a loaded term. What I am doing is not really trying to get similar people together, but to get people with differences to respect each other and learn from each other.

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