A writing drought

If writing and publishing something on my blog was pictured as a beautiful fresh stream flowing through grassy hillocks and onto forests, then let us say I am right now picturing a drought!

I can hardly write a new post. A flicker of an idea or two come; I write them down and work on them. In the past month or two I am displeased with how the blog post is coming about and I abandon the post.

Hope this drought does not last too long. The writing drought also corresponds to a reading drought. I have finished a book and a half in the past two months. I was averaging 4-5 the months before that.

It is not that I am not writing! I have cultivated a habit of writing at least once or twice every day. It is just that I am not entirely happy with what I am writing that I want to share it publicly.

Credit: Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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