Valentine’s Day – Fiction

This is a fictional story but in reality, it was just a writing experiment.
Read more about this experiment here.

It was a nice bright beautiful morning. You know one of those beautiful mornings when you step out and go for a stroll.
Strolling in a park wondering what I would do on another lonely Valentine’s Day.

So now I am walking in the park and a small child about three years old gives me a rose. Wishes me Happy Valentines Day and turns around. Yeah before you go all Awwh .. the kid turns around to see her mother slap herself on the forehead. And she calls out the name of another 3 year old kid a few feet behind me whom the child was supposed to give the rose to.

The child looked confused. I hand her back the rose and wish her a good day and walk along.

Since when did parks have so many kids around I wonder ! Then I wondered why shouldn’t there be kids in a park. What is it with India where you find kids loitering in front of the television and PS2 and old people go out in the parks.

So now that I have strolled enough along the park I decide to take a break and sit down on a bench. First ones broken. The other ones has be spat upon.

I sat on a largish rock. Benches just were for something else I guess. The 3 year old then handed an old couple a red rose and probably wished them Happy Valentine’s Day.

I watched and smiled. I don’t know if thats what Valentine’s Day is supposed to be or not.

If it’s against our culture or if its western culture corrupting our youth.. but then this three year old kid seemed to make a lot of sense of the big V day than all of social commentators and politicians and experts at what not.

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – Fiction”

  1. Reading this made me wonder at the futility of facts… laid down by the self confessed moral-police of our society… that are fabricated with fiction.Keep it Up.

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