The romance to open web

This weekend I ended up listening to a podcast by Matt Mullenweg with Anil Dash.

For me, both are pretty much people I most admire when I think of the words “open web”.

Here is a wonderful quote by Anil Dash from the podcast.

I think a lot of us had lamented the web we make. That we have apps on our phones, and what I always experienced with the apps on my phone. Everybody complains about [how] the algorithms aren’t fair, and there’s all kinds of awful content being shared, and misinformation and these things. What I miss most is, I look at my phone and I look at the apps and I don’t know who made any of them. 

Anil Dash on

Listen to the podcast titled To remake tech, remake the tech company.

It is difficult to not feel the romance to the open web and feel good about being able to do something about it.

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  1. IdeaSmith Avatar

    Gonna put this on my playlist. I think I’ve gone so deep into cynicism, I only laugh bitterly at the thought that the internet was once a wonderful place.

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