Six years at a company

In the mayhem of 2009 (the global meltdown etc), I ended up working as a blogger for a startup company. It’s name, rtCamp. For someone who was never paid to write, this was a really odd sounding job.

I got into rtCamp on the basis of a blog post I wrote on this blog. 🙂

Today, I complete six years at rtCamp. I never realised, I would work in a single place for that long. I don’t really plan that far ahead but it has been a good ride so far and I am enjoying new gigs, getting to learn new things even after six years.

What happened in the past six years!

A lot. I won’t talk about a glowing tribute to rtCamp. Actually since I am the Marketing – Head at the place, that is sort of my job, but I wont do it here.

  • I learnt to appreciate the FOSS movement.
  • I learned to appreciate anarchism as a political philosophy (listen to a leading philosopher on it).
  • I moved towards becoming a more thoughtful writer (I think!) than being more rantful (is this even a word! So much for being thoughtful)
  • I taught myself a lot of things.
  • I now know how software projects are born, live and die.
  • I learned that good people and good practices can co-exist with profitable business practices.
  • I became less prone to put out my views on everything and more prone to listen first.

I would not credit rtCamp for almost all these life changing things over the last six years. The point is I laugh at some of the naivety of the six years ago me, but I still find space in this company.

But rtCamp allowed me freedom in many ways to go explore these topics and sometimes bring them back to the company. It also offered me colleagues and former colleagues who are wonderful thinkers, philosophers, artists and human beings.

So here’s to six more? Well I do not plan that far ahead but one never knows.

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