A meaningless walk…..

It was around 9.45 pm and my friend called up. He felt it would be a good idea that we could meet over dinner. Now I already was full with a pretty decent dinner so I declined. But he was adamant that we should meet. So I said okay Ill join you.

I was online surfing some crap and all. Did not bother to check the time and it was like 10 pm suddenly.

I quickly locked my computer screen and looked around in my bedroom for a pair of socks.

Quickly put on my Nikes and started to walk down from the flat.

Just then my friend called me. I opened the flap, this mobile phone is like a black coloured nice looking Nokia phone. My friend was speaking calmly as always and asked where I was. Told him the truth that I was walking down the stairs from my apartments at this moment.

He let a few of those friendly banter like abuses at me for not starting earlier but then composed himself like always and asked how much time it would take me to come to the chowk?

Told him 10 minutes and to start already as you see I had already had my dinner. He was anyways going to have some Chinese food and a really bad Chinese outlet.

So I start to walk quickly down the road. I had my ear phones and it played this album called I Robot by Alan Parsons Project or something like that.

Walked along the road and noticed that all the gates except two or three of them had board which signaled people to not park their cars on the road. I walked past a red car lost in the music blaring into my ears. The car looked cute. At the end of the road which was the neighborhood I stayed in I turned left and walked along quickly to meet my friend at the chowk.

I walked past a van selling burgers and then a kulfi shop. I had stayed here for three years but had never seen the kulfiwala. Strange.

So now I am at this chowk and looking around to see where this Chinese stall is. I didnt see any chinese by I see my friend.

He walked upto me very animatedly and then again let loose a few friendly abuses. I ignored them once or twice but then I joined in the fun and let a few abuses at him too.

I wonder whats the deal with me and my friends. We are always swearing at each other. Othewise we are quite a decent bunch and all but always swearing at each other.

So my friend decides he wants to eat Indian and we walk into this sorry excuse for a restaurant. He orders and plate and it arrive pretty fast. I don’t order anything. My friend is a Sikh and speaks really ghatti Marathi. Well that’s cause he is from Nagpur. Now, I don’t find it funny, but most people smile or find it funny to see a Sardarji speaking flawlessly ghatti Marathi.

Then I realised my friend is staring at this girl. I said not stare dude, its bad manners to stare more than like a few seconds anyways. He nods but says she’s really cute. I turn around to see that she indeed is cute.

My friend is digging into his plate and now and I realised suddenly that I was staring at the girl too. Could that be regarded as staring ??

I agree I was staring. She was cute what do I say. He declares that dinner is over and we walk out of the restaurant.

We shake hands and decide to watch a movie or something on the weekend. My friend tells me he is going to write a blog. I say cool and I want to read it. He promises to mail the link to me. Asks me when I am writing my next blog. I say I don’t know. Haven’t found anything interesting. And then I joked that Ill write about this meeting for dinner in my blog.

As I walked past the kulfi shop and the burger van I realised it was quite late. Must be like 11.15 pm. Then I crossed the road and walked into this lane where my apartment was. I looked at that cute gorgeous red sedan parked neatly. Nice car must say. Then I thought about the blog and I said a blog about this meaningless walk. And felt why the heck not…..

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  1. Nomadic Queen Avatar

    That kulfiwala was possibly a ghost since youve never seen him before …

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