I have joined Automattic

On 12th Feb, I joined Automattic as a Community Wrangler.

They are the fine folks behind WordPress.com, Akismet, Jetpack (two plugins this blog has be running on for a long time now), Longreads, WooCommerce and much more.

It also has open-source at the core of is DNA. The company works in a completely distributed manner, which means everyone works remotely.

As a Community Wrangler, I would be working with the volunteers and also full time folks who mainly keep the WordPress community running. This is a really exciting new journey I have embarked upon.

And yes, Automattic is hiring!

That said, starting full-time with Automattic was the second best thing to have happened to me this month. A week before I started work, I got married to my best friend Kavita. ♥️


9 responses to “I have joined Automattic”

  1. I am so happy for you, Aditya! 💖💖😇

  2. Vivek Jain Avatar

    Double Yay! Congrats buddy 🙌🏻

    1. Thanks Vivek! Catch up sometime soon.

  3. Awesome. Wonderful changes in personal and professional front. 2018 is rocking for you!!!

    1. It is indeed Sheeba!

  4. Congratulation Aditya…!

  5. Looking forward to working with you Aditya!

  6. Congrats! Aditya

  7. Congrats on both of the news 🙂 👍

    Happy for ya!

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