Goodbye rtCamp and “Hello World!”

Almost seven years ago, I joined the merry band at rtCamp with 6 founders and couple of us more. For a few years now, other than the two remaining founders, I was the oldest employee at rtCamp.

Yes, you read it right! I “was” the oldest employee at rtCamp.

Three months ago, I put in my papers. Served the notice and today was my last day with rtCamp.

I am thankful for many things there. I learned a lot over the last few years about how a company evolves. I have experienced joyous times, disappointing times and most importantly lot of freedom. Freedom at rtCamp, allowed me to do a lot of things I did not think I would have ever looked up let alone get involved. A big example of that is the WordPress and open-source community in general.

That freedom allowed me to bring some of the things I learned and experienced back into rtCamp.

I moved to Pune, recently to work from rtCamp’s office which is based in Pune. Those were major life changes. I won’t be returning to Mumbai, I will be staying in Pune for atleast the next few months.

Wait am I crazy?

Some might think I am a bit crazy to quit my job without landing another one. But since rtCamp and the ideas around it were so dear to me, I had to be sure, I was not just quitting for an extra 10% raise (not that there is anything wrong in leaving a job for a raise) or something similar.

That would not have been the right treatment to my time with rtCamp. I feel good about leaving, I am leaving with a lot of good memories and good friendships.

I am looking forward to freelancing.

So what’s the future!

I have been very involved with the WordPress community that is local in Mumbai and Pune. I hope to give more time over the next few months to the WordPress open-source community in India and more. I am also looking forward to giving more to the global WordPress community.

Also a few months ago, I have become a contributor to I want to interview people, search for stories that involve WordPress from around India and possibly all over South Asia.

I will be writing a lot more on this blog. So keep in touch here.

I also want to spend a few days home in Mumbai, catch up with old friends there and simply chill out a bit!

Here are some photos over the past 7 years in rtCamp.

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8 responses to “Goodbye rtCamp and “Hello World!””

  1. Thanks for all these years. 🙂

    Best wishes for next thing!

    1. Thanks Rahul 🙂

  2. Vivek Jain Avatar
    Vivek Jain

    It’s been a pleasure to work together Aditya. All the very best for the next phase. 🙂

    1. Thanks Vivek, it was great time working togeather with you too. And thanks for introducing me to rtCamp back in 2009. 🙂

  3. Wish you luck for your future!


    Just saying 🙂

    Best of luck, and I look forward to the next time our paths cross!

    1. Thanks, I have looked that link up a bit. I just might!

      Thanks and yes, looking forward to the time our paths cross again 🙂

  5. Loved the Angry Bird comparison :), You Da Bomb 🙂

    +1 to Sam’s comment. When it comes to freelancing, let me know if we can help.

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