Day at the Kelkar Museum in Pune

Yesterday, I visited the popular Kelkar Museum in Pune.

Kelkar Museum is located in the old Pune city. A part of the city, I spent a lot of time as a child during summer holidays with my maternal grandparents.

The collection on display is pretty much sourced from the elite and well heeled. Much of it is from the 18th and 19th century.

The collection is primarily from Southern India – mainly from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu.

There are some statues that do date back to a 13th century.

Loved these chess pieces. Some of the pawns carry muskets and some sword and shield.

Some of the pawns carry muskets while others carry swords and shields

And Mastani Mahal was ghostly peek into the past, in a good way.

Mastani Mahal at Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

You can check out the entire album.

Museum – Tips

They do not except electronic payments. Carry a lot of cash if you are looking to buy something there – like postcards, CDs, badges and mugs.

There are some nice historical places to see near the museum, like the Shaniwar Wada.

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