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In the old days, I used to love storing my bookmarks on Delicious. The service worked great to sync my bookmarks on different computers at work and home. More importantly, Delicious allowed users to share stacks of bookmarks with their friends.

I used to explore and find countless beautiful and useful websites this way. Then Delicious tanked.

I still use Chrome’s bookmark manager for some links I need to look up often but I like a lot of things online which I want to be able to recall in a easy manner later but not necessarily have them on my browser. I also use Pocket but not exactly very extensively.

So now I have started saving interesting things I come across the web on a free website. it is.

I find it really convenient for the following reason

  • My bookmarks can have some context, are searchable and indexed.
  • It can be opened on any browser – no need to sign up or sync up.
  • It can be opened on any phone screen.
  • Someone could share something interesting in comments and suggest more awesome links to visit.

Where do you collect all the awesome stuff you come across on the web? Any single place sharable? Let me know in comments.

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3 responses to “Bookmarking stuff on the web”

  1. Linus Kado Avatar
    Linus Kado

    For me, the days of bookmarking are long gone…I search for the latest information on the topic instead.

  2. Siddharth Ashok Avatar
    Siddharth Ashok

    Same here, was a fan of Delicious too. Now use Pocket to read it later. And if a bookmark is regarding an Idea/Inspiration or project it goes to my Evernote with proper description.

    1. I have some saved in Pocket for read later – I use Chrome instead of Evernote –

      But for some reason I have never really caught up using Evernote – I tired like 10 times but I stop using it after a few days. I like this mainly because I do not have to log in anywhere and can even look it up on just about any phone or anyones phone 😉

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