A beautiful podcast on ISRO

Harsha Bhogle is someone one can associate speaking eloquently about the beautiful sound of a cricket ball hitting a bat. But this podcast Mission ISRO with Harsha Bhogle – has him narrate the various stories and the history of India’s space program.

A poster image of the Mission ISRO with Harsha Bhogle podcast that is produced by Spotify Studios

This podcast is Spotify Studios production. A new episode is released every Friday.
Well researched, beautifully edited with excellent sound mixing and narration. It evokes memories of those old radio shows. Where sound effects, interview snippets, and a narrative would educate and entertain.

It traces the story of ISRO from its first sounding rocket launch from Thumba, Kerala but with a healthy mix of sound bytes by rocket scientists in India and others.

Listen on Spotify. (Unfortunately, this podcast can be listened to only on Spotify)

There is also a wonderful podcast on the Apollo 11 mission by BBC called 13 Minutes to the moon.

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