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A few days ago I came across this (👇🏽) lovely Amazon Writing Style Tips tweet. I found the linked Medium blog difficult to navigate to these exact posts because frankly, Medium is terrible and useless. So I decided to download the images here for my easy goto reference. Writing Style Guides In the same tweet …

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Was your food warm?

So almost three weeks ago WordCamp Mumbai 2015 finished. A lot of people spoke of many things geeky but also a lot about how to give support, how to deal with customers or users of products, how to decide who we are building products for?

You know the usual brilliant and insightful discussions that happen at conventions and conferences but are soon forgotten in a few weeks as the humdrum of everyday life and work returns.

But a great lesson was taught to me about extraordinary customer service (or support) in the last month by a very unlikely source. It was a small restaurant that opened just over a month ago.

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