• There is Karate inside you: Finding Mentors in open-source & WordPress

    What should we look for in a mentor, and who exactly can be a mentor. Some learnings from my WordPress world.

  • Building in the open: Being comfortable under the sun!

    Building a project in the open, under the glare of user feedback and community expectation requires getting comfortable in that space.

  • About Open-Source

    The ideas of open-source are inherently authentic and why I feel like contributing to the WordPress.org project.

  • I have joined Automattic

    On 12th Feb, I joined Automattic as a Community Wrangler. They are the fine folks behind WordPress.com, Akismet, Jetpack (two plugins this blog has be running on for a long time now), Longreads, WooCommerce and much more. It also has open-source at the core of is DNA. The company works in a completely distributed manner,…

  • How my laptop stickers gained me new friends

    I often work while sipping some coffee at Starbucks. The coffee is admittedly expensive, but pretty decent to get work done. Mainly because they give decently fast WIFI and also they get the lighting right. Once such day, someone approached me. He was wearing a “something very nice about Open-source” t-shirt. He introduced himself and…

  • Contributing to Open Source is NOT Charity!

    We have received plenty, it is time we realise we are very privileged. It’s time to stop calling contributing to open-source and WordPress as charity.

  • What is Open Source culture? What does it mean to me?

    A culture to share expertise, make it accessible and easier to use for others. A culture that is not just about learning something and becoming an expert to get paid gigs – but a culture that nurtures understanding and expertise in others and you. The software would not last too long without a culture of…

  • Bombay Pirate is now on WordPress

    When I started Bombaypirate, it was without any thought or goal. The idea was to just write things I would like to write about. I ended up writing about people, society, my views and even movies. Yes, it was a post about a movie, that got me a job at rtCamp, and I was suddenly…