• “The Test” is a docu-series that has stories within stories just like a test match

    Review of Amazon series on. the Australian cricket team called “The Test”

  • Night cricket and the slog sweep

    1992 Back in late 1991 and early 92, one of his favourite things to do was to wake up early in the morning and listen to radio commentary of test matches between Australia and India. This was during the Indian cricket team’s tour of Australia.  Our protagonist was enamored by Sachin Tendulkar, who still was […]

  • The phone screen and distraction

    One of the things I started to work on a bit last year was to reduce the number of notifications I get on my phone to checking the phone all the time. The phone is something I use a lot for listening to music (Spotify), making payments and Twitter. I also use it to get […]

  • Books read in 2019

    After being stuck in a bit of a rut in terms of reading books, I ended up reading more books in 2019 than in previous years. I read a lot of things online and this year I had to make a conscious effort at switching off from a screen and carry a book. Shivaji: The […]

  • The romance to open web

    This weekend I ended up listening to a podcast by Matt Mullenweg with Anil Dash. For me, both are pretty much people I most admire when I think of the words “open web”. Here is a wonderful quote by Anil Dash from the podcast. I think a lot of us had lamented the web we […]

  • Songs, Choirs and A.R Rahman

    While looking around on a Saturday afternoon to find something new to listen to while working, I came across this wonderful mixture of “Hey Jude” – Beatles and “Tere Bina” – A.R Rahman. This song is performed by the Shillong Chamber Choir group. The fun thing about the video is that the whole group looked […]

  • The Russian folk song and its Hindi cover “Darling” in “7 khoon maaf”

    The Russian folk song and its Hindi cover “Darling” in “7 khoon maaf”. Also Usha Uthup’s brilliance…

  • Yuvraj Singh: Swagger and Inspiration

    Today Yuvraj Singh announced his retirement. He was known to typify the man who walked on the field with swagger, played with flamboyance, and displayed ability that borders on genius. One has to be a genius, to hit 6 sixers for 6 balls in a crucial T20 World Cup game against England. I loved watching […]

  • Being Mortal

    I discovered this book thanks to a couple of podcasts, I came across. Also a cousin whose taste in books I quite like, highly recommended it. The podcasts had Atul Gawande, sagaciously explain the issues around caring for the old and infirm. Atul Gawande brings in a lot of data, a lot of empathy and […]

  • What’s really important in your life?

    A couple of days ago, I met a friend with whom I went on a very long walk. We walked for over 3 hours, waiting for breakfast, coffee later and some cheesecake by noon. There is something great about walking and talking with a friend for hours. For some reason there is a lot of […]