Why So Serious ?????

A girl is murdered by someone, news channels, society, the intelligentsia, the youth all are shocked and follow the drama. Why they screamed? The police bungled on the case, questioned the girl’s character with no proof and then arrested some one. News channels, society, the intelligentsia, the youth all were horrified to see someone

Murdered twice over. And then the CBI stepped in and everyone was please. A chief minister blamed the centre, the centre brushed it away. The fact remains the news channels, society, the intelligentsia and the youth then moved on to Abhinav Bindra and the 123 Agreement but a murdered 14 year old girl awaits justice.

A military being paid less than others in the government. They can’t quit their service whenever they please unlike other government servants. They can’t protest. They cannot go on strike. They are mad, angry on the verge of things spilling over and all we can do is say the Indian Army is a great institution. Of course the news channels, society, the intelligentsia and the youth of the nation are busy with the financial crisis in the US and flipping through for news on if Australia will tour India or not and if Ganguly will play or not now that Australia is in India.

As we see churches set on fire in the name of Hinduism, Muslims being not allowed to buy houses in building societies even in metros and a state banning a Hindu from owning property in Kashmir. As we see bombs explode and streets paved with blood. As we see intolerance to moderates, intolerance for capitalists, intolerance to each other. As we note that a country takes up the issue of Sikhs in France not being allowed to wear turbans in France, we forget we don’t allow so many rights to so many in our country.

As we laugh at Bush and feel outraged at his concept of security we shrug our shoulders and talk of resilience when bomb blasts are taking place literally every weekend. As we laugh at Chinese for their small eyes strange features, we forget that we call many Indians from the north east as Chinese and not Indians. We look at them as foreigners in their own country.

As we laugh at the stupid American and call the Indian brain superior we forget almost half of our children don’t go to school. As we laugh at Americans credit crises and pat ourselves on the back for our well regulated markets and economy we forget that we don’t have any thing called social security.

As we laugh at our neighbors and their so called democracies we forget the ruling party has anointed head of government and its power to be centered on a family, back to monarchy shall I say? And to not leave the ruling party behind, the opposition party wants the constitution to be centered on a religion.

But then relax. Some dumbass astrologer has predicted that 21st Century will be India’s century. So India will be a great power!!! Why so Serious? Why so Serious yaar!! Its inevitable.

But I am left wondering. If we as a nation are supposed to lead the world in the 21st Century, then what sort of a leader will India be? Shh Relax, Why so Serious?

Cant help wondering, are we all Jokers ????

Ramblings on the Beliefs….

First of all, before anyone thinks of me as a heretic or cdontroversial, let me make it clear. I have great regard for people of faith. The strength they can get is something thats real. And inner strength is always respectable.
But this article is lets say my ramblings on Faith, God, Religion, Beliefs etc etc….

About two years ago when my grandfather passed away, my mother had a intersting question.
Obviously after a lot of prayers were said to come to terms with the pain of losing someone you loved.
So the question was “How do people who dont belive in God come to terms with such loss? How they get strength from?”
I felt it was a interesting question, a question that can be very thorny… or is it? Maybe just the answer is full of thorns and not the question itself.
Okay okay, me no Socrates so let me not get too philosophical….
Ah yes , cut two years down the line.
One of my best buddies today is a Muslim. Looking at religion, me being a Hindu we are pretty solidly looking in opposite directions when it comes to faith or culture. Yes being a Gujrati Muslim means the mother tongue is different too, but… hmm we are great friends.
Now now, I am not one of those dopes to write that no religion teaches you to murder, nor does any religion teach hate… Sure it doesnt.
Eureka! I got it.
Now I am thinking of a situation… the is man on kid on the road riding a bicycle. The kid falls off and hits the ground. About nine out of ten of us would go up to that kid and check if the kid’s fine.
So when you think about kid, are you doing so because religion teaches you so… I mean would a atheist be any less concerned? I doubt it.
So here is my two pence on concept of God.
You can not know if God exists or not. You can only believe. So whats the big fuss about? Isnt knowledge higher than belife? If I cant go to heaven, because I don’t believe in a certain religion then I tell God, yeah I tell God himself that you can keep your heaven. I don’t care about afterlife anyways. Id rather live life for today, and make it count right here, right now. No, I am not a atheist, I am not religious, I am not even someone who has a clear idea of God, frankly I am not even sure if I believe in God. Yeah, I do pray every night, not for God to hear me, but rather it makes me feel good. Its probably psychological hardwire… Frankly I think its best I do what I do, so I can live with my self. Other than that if God, if he does happen to exist wants me to do anything more, I wouldn’t care a damn.

The Idiot Box

the idiot box
The morning of 15th August

‘CLICK’Today the Prime Minister Manmohan in his Independence day adressed talked about the goverments achivements on 9% economic growth
‘CLICK’Abhinav Bindra is my son, and I have given my son to the nation, he is the nations son
‘CLICK’Why this economic blockade in Kashmir, the Hurriyat stands by
‘CLICK’The Formder President of USSR Mikhail Gorbachev defended the Russian Military action in Georgia.
‘CLICK’Tataglia is a pimp. What I didnt know was that it was Barzini all along
‘CLICK’vande mataram
‘CLICK’Aaj hamare rashtra ko saath saal huve hai aur
‘CLICK’The baseball stiching has not yet been made automated, it has to still be hand stiched
‘CLICK’Niketa Mehta has suffered a miscarriage, the parents had approaced the High Court
‘CLICK’Phelps has won his sixth gold medal and
‘CLICK’Abhinav Bindra could rival Dhoni in brand endorsements
‘CLICK’The world is looking at Russia and its promise to stick to the ceasefire
‘CLICK’Can India me managed ? I put that question to your managersI think any managers value is taken in terms of efficiency. I dont think that politicians can be efficient.
‘CLICK’Where is the freedom? we only have had 60 years of corruption and politics and ‘CLICK’Mangal Mangal Mangal Mangal ho..
‘CLICK’and why will a Manager lead an India? People dont follow orders then why will any manager enter the fray ?
‘CLICK’Abhinav Bindra is often called the reluctant champion of sorts
‘CLICK’Federed was thrown out of the singles event by Blake
‘CLICK’The dimple on the golf ball makes it more aerodynamic and
‘CLICK’Musharaff has decired India’s human rights record in Kashmir
‘CLICK’Tendulkars absence will be felt says Dhoni, is this a way to
‘CLICK’Abhinav Bindra the goldfinger of India got a grand welcome
No Signal……………….

Damn the TVs gone and its raining …

Murdered twice over…..

A few days ago I saw in the news that a young girl of 14 was killed in Noida. Didn’t pay attention to it much initially but the constant 24X7 news channels ensured that I did catch up the follow up stories.

It appeared that a house servant was involved. Then his body was found. Later on news about this girl having made a huge number of calls to her friend who was a boy. Her popularity in school. And then finally the nail in the coffin of the poor girl. She was found in compromising position with the male servant.

The girl is dead and hence she can’t speak out for herself. The police give us this version of what happened in the house. There were supposedly 4 people in the house, 2 who were in caught in a compromising position are dead. The other two alive have denied the sequence of events. Now if the police release such a sequence was it done on forensic basis? And if it does can it prove the sequence of events to the media. Especially when they announce such a sequence of events to the media. And the press is lapping it up. Ignoring that a girl has been murdered cold heartedly and beyond that her reputation has be murdered by the police aided by the press. So much for justice. I guess dead people don’t care is what the attitude of the Police and Press is.

Without getting emotional and wondering what would these policemen do if their daughter was found murdered? I would stick to facts. Not the facts of the case because I am no lawyer and don’t want to pretend to be a wise guy either. But why is it that over and over when we see a young girl being brutally murdered, her dignity is also murdered in the aftermath. Is it some sort of justification our society needs to come to terms with a murdered teenager? I guess if so then we are a society of cannibals. Sure we dont cook human beings, but surely we feed on each other.

Valentine’s Day

It was a nice bright beautifull morning. You know one of those beautiful mornings when you step out and go for a stroll.
Strolling in a park wondering what I would do on another lonely Valentine’s Day.
So now I am walking in the park and a small child about three years old gives me a rose. Wishes me Happy Valentines Day and turns around. Yeah before you go all Awwh .. the kid turns around to see her mother slap herself on the forehead. And she calls out the name of another 3 year old kid a few feet behind me whom the girl was supposed to give the rose to.
The kid looks confused. I hand her back the rose and wish her a good day and walk along.
Since when did parks have so many kids around I wonder ! Then I wondered why shouldnt there be kids in a park. What is it with India where you find kids loitering infront of the television and PS2 and old people go out in the park.
More of that later…. So now that I have strolled enough along the park I decide to take a break and sit down on a bench. First ones broken. The other ones has be spat upon so …hmmm.
I sat on a rock. I dont know where the rock came from… but its obvious there were a lot of rocks around where people could sit on in this park.
Benches just were for something else I guess.
The 3 year old then handed an old couple a red rose and probably wished them Happy Valentine’s Day. I watched and smiled. I dont know if thats what Valentine’s Day is supposed to be or not. If its against our culture or if its western culture corrupting our youth.. but then this three year old kid seemed to make a lot of sense of the big V day than all of social commentators and politicians and experts at what not.