• 10 Tips for organsing an online webinar

    Compiled from personal experiences here is a list of simple and basic tips for people who organise or host online webinars /meetups.

  • The phone screen and distraction

    One of the things I started to work on a bit last year was to reduce the number of notifications I get on my phone to checking the phone all the time. The phone is something I use a lot for listening to music (Spotify), making payments and Twitter. I also use it to get…

  • Tips for making Slack work for you

    A really unscientific poll of 9 people using Slack and some tips to make Slack work for your teams.

  • Taking down notes!

    Richard Branson’s peculiar habit of writing down notes at every meeting.

  • Was your food warm?

    So almost three weeks ago WordCamp Mumbai 2015 finished. A lot of people spoke of many things geeky but also a lot about how to give support, how to deal with customers or users of products, how to decide who we are building products for? You know the usual brilliant and insightful discussions that happen…