• A beautiful podcast on ISRO

    Short recommendation and information Mission ISRO podcast on Spotify. Along with recommending 13 Minutes to the Moon by BBC.

  • You’ll never walk alone

    The Anthropocene Review by John Green is a great podcast and here is one of my favourite episodes.

  • Podcasts I am listening to during a lockdown

    A list of podcast I am listening to during the 2020 lockdowns thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The romance to open web

    This weekend I ended up listening to a podcast by Matt Mullenweg with Anil Dash. For me, both are pretty much people I most admire when I think of the words “open web”. Here is a wonderful quote by Anil Dash from the podcast. I think a lot of us had lamented the web we…

  • What’s really important in your life?

    A couple of days ago, I met a friend with whom I went on a very long walk. We walked for over 3 hours, waiting for breakfast, coffee later and some cheesecake by noon. There is something great about walking and talking with a friend for hours. For some reason there is a lot of…

  • The October 2018 List

    I am trying something new – which is to write a list of things I am consuming and at times reflecting on through the month of October 2018 Recomendo – A really nice newsletter. The point is simple – a newletter via email that recommends 6 different things. These could be a movie, television series, book,…