Remembering …

My mum, Pratima Kane passed away on Friday night. She had been in hospital for the past few weeks recovering well from cellulitis, a foot infection). The end came abruptly but she did not suffer, she did not spend time in pain. I write this only to process it. I write, because that is one thing she always encouraged me to do.

It hurts that we won’t be able to talk into the night ever again, discuss politics, philosophy, religion, current afairs or even football matches. It hurts intensely that I won’t see her infectious smile again or hear her loud hearty laugh.

She was a homemaker and in my twenties she once told me how she found life conventional and boring. She wanted to do more and she did.

She started to teach students over time. Mainly giving tuitions in English. Over the past decade and more, she worked hard, was busier than ever and taught well over a hundred students, some kids as young as ten or eleven and some well into their forties. Their calls and messages remembering mom fondly, will remind me of how many students respect her and remember her fondly. It is part of her legacy.

She never judged people, and could be the most open minded person in the world. She encouraged both her children to take unconventional decisions in our personal lives and careers.

She inspired me to read, and kept telling me to write more, she would follow this blog religiously, reading every single word on every single post. And like a good teacher, she would often point out the commas and spelling mistakes I tend to make when I write.

She was happy. A happy person who laughed, made others laugh. She was my sister’s emotional rock, her best friend and so much more. For me she was happiness personified.

This is going to be very hard. But I have to find solace that she was happy with her life, with her students, her eyes always lit up when she talked about some ex-student of hers calling her up or sending her a whatsapp message. She was happy right upto the last minute of her life. And I was able to be with her in the end.


My Life during the Ides of March

My birthday which falls on the 21st of March could never be celebrated when I was a kid. The reason being, schools usually had scheduled their exams around that time. So birthday parties would be in April. I hated it so much that at age ten, I declared I did not want any more parties.

The month of March did not just spoil birthday parties for me but also made me deeply religious. You see, I never studied all year long and had to score decent marks to get promoted from one year to the other. So I would end up doing something I mostly avoided. I prayed and raised divine blessings by taking the most terribly of oaths possible for my final exams.

Now that we are well into March again, I get a bit nostalgic. That torturous month before vacations. That horrible month which turns the otherwise rational atheists into a religious god fearing morons.

But these days the month of March is not even half as exciting. I have stopped raising divine blessings with terrible oaths for the better part of the last decade. There is the minor irritant of taxes but I can actually enjoy myself on my birthday without worrying about studies.

March looks so much better these days. 🙂

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