• Songs, Choirs and A.R Rahman

    While looking around on a Saturday afternoon to find something new to listen to while working, I came across this wonderful mixture of “Hey Jude” – Beatles and “Tere Bina” – A.R Rahman. This song is performed by the Shillong Chamber Choir group. The fun thing about the video is that the whole group looked […]

  • The Russian folk song and its Hindi cover “Darling” in “7 khoon maaf”

    The Russian folk song and its Hindi cover “Darling” in “7 khoon maaf”. Also Usha Uthup’s brilliance…

  • The October 2018 List

    I am trying something new – which is to write a list of things I am consuming and at times reflecting on through the month of October 2018 Recomendo – A really nice newsletter. The point is simple – a newletter via email that recommends 6 different things. These could be a movie, television series, book, […]

  • Kishore Kumar the Genius!

    Way back in 93, I was still a kid and did not know much about old Hindi songs. I bought a cassette titled ‘Kishore Kumar’s greatest hits’. That was it. I was hooked on to the Kishore Kumar’s voice and his music. An actor, director, song writer, music director all rolled into one. If he […]