• “The Test” is a docu-series that has stories within stories just like a test match

    Review of Amazon series on. the Australian cricket team called “The Test”

  • Yuvraj Singh: Swagger and Inspiration

    Today Yuvraj Singh announced his retirement. He was known to typify the man who walked on the field with swagger, played with flamboyance, and displayed ability that borders on genius. One has to be a genius, to hit 6 sixers for 6 balls in a crucial T20 World Cup game against England. I loved watching […]

  • A haircut, a cola and a Test match

    Recently, I watched in bits and pieces, India winning a test match against England on television. I am one of those cricket tragics, who watches only test matches. The rest I feel does not have enough context. I was thinking a bit about why I think of the long form game with such romance. And […]

  • A Champion from Mumbai

    It was said he cannot bat well when India really needs him. It was said he isnt a Match winner, or atleast not as big a match winner as some others. Personally for me when I think of the words Sachin Tendulkar it takes me back almost twenty years ago, watching him bat against Pakistan […]

  • Saurav Ganguly: God of the off side…

    I love cricket more than any other sport. Football comes a close second but Cricket is well boss, THE GAME. Today Saurav Ganguly decided that this would be his last test series. The last time he will play for India. And he bows out of the game against possible his arch-rivals Australia. I have never […]