APJ Abdul Kalam is a very wise man!

Over the years I have ended up being a fan of Former President APJ Abdul Kalam. In recent times, no person who has held political office (though Presidency is pretty much a ceremonial role in India) has the sort of connect that this man has. I was catching the late night news and caught a story about Dr. Kalam visiting the International Book Fair in Delhi.

Just out of curiosity about Kalam and the Book Fair, I decided to Google him for some latest news. Two links that I came across showed why he is such a wise man.

Let children choose their subjects

Let children choose the subjects of their choice. They will excel, if they study something that they love

Simple enough?

Turn students into autonomous learners

I have met 13 million youth in India and abroad, in a decade’s time and have learnt that every youth wants to be unique. However, the world around you, is doing its best, day and night, to make you just everybody else.

Interestingly, he seems to be the only public figure in India who talks incessantly about education.


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  1. While I am a big fan of APJ Abdul Kalam as a human being, I don’t remember him doing anything extraordinary as a president. The only president I remember doing justice to his office was KR Narayana. So, would love to hear your thoughts on APJ Kalam as a president.

    1. Essentially, the President does not have much say in policy or nation building at all. It is pretty much a ceremonial role and even the political decisions are made once in 5 years, backed usually by precedence and constitutional experts. Kalam used his office for something that was nothing to do with constitution or politics. He simply highlighted education of children as the most important part of development. This in India is a novelty as I hardly can remember any person in public office speaking about education.

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