Fun weekend in Mumbai if you like WordPress and Comic books

A quick update on some really cool and interesting you can do in Mumbai this weekend (20th -21st October 2012). People who blog might be aware of WordCamp Mumbai 2012. It is a event organized for WordPress fans and users. Developers, bloggers, startup entrepreneurs all meetup, share, discuss stuff they know about the famous blogging platform WordPress. […]

Is Your Country Free and Democratic?

I must admit, I have started admiring Aseem Trivedi. I had not known much about him. I have not seen his cartoons until a couple of days ago. Guess, what he has been arrested and charged with sedition for ‘mocking the parliament’. (Read Report) But some members of parliament (elected officials a.k.a sanctimonious politicians) who […]

Usain Bolt’s 2 minute 6.32 seconds workout at the London Olympics

Usain Bolt! What a champ! He has six gold medals in 3 events, over two Olympic Games. That means, in every Olympic event he takes part in, he has won the Gold. This time in London, Usain Bolt won the 100, 200 and 4X100m relay. How fast is Bolt? I thought of adding up all […]

A world full of name calling, falsehoods and disrespect

The world is full of people who are a**holes. Well I decided to decode rather interpret them in my understanding of the Set Theory. I was introduced to an interesting group about  twelve years ago. It was a wonderful group, they created, shared and consumed information freely. They communicated incessantly and usually if you asked […]