You’ll never walk alone

Yesterday, I learned that the famous slogan of the Liverpool football team “You’ll never walk alone” was originally from a song. The song was composed by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein (also famous for the musical Sound of Music) as part of their musical “Carousel”. It was later made into the more familiar version by …

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Writing Style Guides and Tips

A few days ago I came across this (👇🏽) lovely Amazon Writing Style Tips tweet. I found the linked Medium blog difficult to navigate to these exact posts because frankly, Medium is terrible and useless. So I decided to download the images here for my easy goto reference. Writing Style Guides In the same tweet …

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The romance to open web

This weekend I ended up listening to a podcast by Matt Mullenweg with Anil Dash. For me, both are pretty much people I most admire when I think of the words “open web”. Here is a wonderful quote by Anil Dash from the podcast. I think a lot of us had lamented the web we …

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Songs, Choirs and A.R Rahman

While looking around on a Saturday afternoon to find something new to listen to while working, I came across this wonderful mixture of “Hey Jude” – Beatles and “Tere Bina” – A.R Rahman. This song is performed by the Shillong Chamber Choir group. The fun thing about the video is that the whole group looked …

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Tolstoy on Hypocrisy

I was reading Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism by Peter Marshall. On a chapter on Tolstoy, it quotes him about writing and exposing the hypocrisy of the wealthy and respectful, including himself.

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