Capital “W” and “P”

There is something ugly in the mental image of a cricketer kicking the the stumps out of the ground, a tennis player smashing a racket into the ground, a golfer flinging the club after a bad shot.

They are desecrating their place of work, their profession and it is not just theirs. It is bad form, bad manners and disrespectful to others around.

One might argue, its a mistake – maybe it was a moment of anger, passion etc. But it looks ugly and most fans of the game find something snapping inside them.

Now a days when I see someone write “WordPress” without the capital “W” and “P”, I get the same feeling.

I feel like there is something sacred that is being disturbed, something that feels ugly like the mental images I mentioned above.

But that should not be the case. Not capitalizing “WordPress” is not worthy of being judged in the same category of sins above.

Most do not know why “W” and “P” should be capitalised or why that is expected in the community..

Do you who work with WordPress feel the same? Let me know how you feel.


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