A writing drought

If writing and publishing something on my blog was pictured as a beautiful fresh stream flowing through grassy hillocks and onto forests, then let us say I am right now picturing a drought! I can hardly write a new post. A flicker of an idea or two come; I write them down and work on …

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You’ll never walk alone

Yesterday, I learned that the famous slogan of the Liverpool football team “You’ll never walk alone” was originally from a song. The song was composed by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein (also famous for the musical Sound of Music) as part of their musical “Carousel”. It was later made into the more familiar version by …

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Books and their private worlds

The other day I came across this wonderful image of S. Irfan Habib‘s hideout (don’t miss the old Apple computer) A stack of books is always more attractive to see than neatly organized bookcases because they remind you of different worlds they allow you to visit and ponder over instead of neatly organized information. My …

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Writing Style Guides and Tips

A few days ago I came across this (👇🏽) lovely Amazon Writing Style Tips tweet. I found the linked Medium blog difficult to navigate to these exact posts because frankly, Medium is terrible and useless. So I decided to download the images here for my easy goto reference. Writing Style Guides In the same tweet …

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“Remote Work” and some questions in the Indian context

Distributed / Remote work is gaining acceptance because of the COVID-19 lockdown. That is great but there will be some unseen and possibly unpleasant issues cropping up. A lot of young Indians live in joint families or with parents until they graduate. If jobs are in a distributed environment they won’t need to change cities …

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