Stuff I use

There is a lot of things I use daily. But here is a list of things I use for work mainly.

Why am I sharing this list to public?

Why not? We share random useless data like checking into coffee shops and cinema halls. This makes more sense to me. Mainly, it serves as a way for me to keep track of stuff I am using on a daily basis. More importantly people who may read this might recommend me better alternatives.

  1. WordPress (self hosted) – Mostly for this blog and work related blogging and some documentation.
  2. Gmail – Gmail on browser and Gmail app on phone for personal and work related emails.
  3. Digital Ocean – I host this site on a Digital Ocean droplet.
  4. EasyEngine – A CLI tool to help me with using WordPress on Nginx server on Ubuntu. But I am not really a IT Admin and not very proficient with EE.
  5. Github – using it for updating documentation at work. I am not a developer. I dont really use this extensively.
  6. Macbook Air – 13 inch screen, light weight, works great, has awesome battery life.
  7. Nexus 4 – Nice Android vanilla phone – runs Android 4.4
  8. Chrome – I have Firefox installed and Safari is obviously there but Chrome for the win (but I am getting a bit annoyed with its impact on battery life)
  9. Feedly –  Using the Feedly mac app for following some good blogs usually from WordPress centric products and people.
  10. Twitter app for Mac – Works great at tracking 4-5 accounts. Since I do not need to heavily tweet for anyone of them, this suits me fine.
  11. Google Drive – Usuallly all my photos from the phone get backed up here automatically – also great for collaborative writing and planning. Use at work too.
  12. Dropbox – Stopped using it as much but still use it to backup .txt files where I often write a lot of stuff to remember
  13. Send Anywhere – Nice app to send files between my Nexus 4 and Mac
  14. Slack – Use for work mainly – also to hang around Make.WordPress community chats. Lately using it to organize WordCamp. Native app for Mac helps a lot.
  15. Skype – Not using it as much as before but still very very good for calls.
  16. Hangouts – Use rarely.
  17. Bufferapp – User bufferapp to schedule tweets automatically. Thought I use Buffer only for Twitter, it can be used with FB, Google+ pages and LinkedIn
  18. Skitch – Used extensively for screenshots on my computer.
  19. Simplenote – Nice note taking app. Not really using sync options but like using it for its labels and simplicity. Not too happy with Evernote and Google Keep.
  20. Atom – Use it to write in markdown – but really it does so much more.
  21. Pocket: Thanks to Kapil’s comment below, I realized I has skipped what I use for bookmarks. Its Pocket on PC and Phone along with Chrome’s Bookmark manager. (Added Later)

Added later:

There are other obvious things I have not included. eg: Facebook.

Published by Aditya Kane

I am a writer at heart and secretly want to be a world famous philosopher. I want the core tenets of the open source philosophy around software to make it’s way in education, politics, law and economics.

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  1. Why not use Safari instead of Chrome? For reading I find Safari much more useful on MBA as it give you the two finger double tap zoom, which I use so frequently that I get annoyed when using Chrome.(also Safari gives you far better battery life)

    Also, instead of Dropbox, I’ve been using ownCloud.


    1. Yes, I use Safari from time to time – when I am looking for better battery performance. That said there are many small things about Safari I find irritating.

      For me Chrome just has too many advantages from certain extensions, app and sync features.

      I like using Dropbox for mainly syncing some notes and stuff I write. For photos and stuff I Google Drive. Not checked out but will look it up. Thanks for recommending it.


    1. Ah cool I missed that one.

      For sites I know I will visit over and over – example reference sites – I use mainly Chrome’s new bookmark manager – it was a extension earlier but a feature now.

      Otherwise I use Pocket App – on mac and phone for read later.


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