Becoming anti-social on a blog!

Blogging is odd business. Some people write for money, some for glory and some just to write. I think I have been in all categories in the past. Recently, I feel I simply want to write and read good stuff online. Now on this blog, there was a widget that allowed you to follow me on Facebook or Twitter and also subscribe to it via email.



It looked ugly, distractive. Why was I telling people to follow me on some social network instead of them just reading what I wrote. Hence I have removed the widget. Its plain, simple and just focused on reading. Maybe it will also keep my focus on writing.

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  1. Haha, nice Aditya!

    I did the same with my blog 🙂

    As a matter of fact, I opted for just one-column design. People come to our personal blogs to read what we write, and we ought to give them just that!

    Loved your new design. It’s simple and clean 🙂

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