I remember a friend telling me how we waste hours doing unnecessary things like listening to music, watching movies and reading books. The point he was making is to achieve something great in life, one has to spend all the time they have doing one thing they like and just that. No time wasting anymore.

I agreed to an extent as some of us in our early twenties do to so much nonsense, but lately I have begun think of that idea more deeply. Because doing something repetitively might be useful but true creativity comes from experiences and interaction.


If my friend was correct then surely Steve Jobs must have been wasting his time joining an ashram, travelling to India and being obsessed about music (particularly Bob Dylan). Let say all these things were unnecessary in the life of Steve Jobs being one of the great innovative minds of the tech industry.

Think again! He often attributed his success to being minimalist and intuitive, which according to him was being overlooked by the western civilization. He was open to learning from the Japanese the ‘just in time‘ manufacturing processes and replicate them for Apple.

His obsession with music probably contributed greatly to him being such a force behind Apple’s iPod (which changed the music industry in the US).

So much for time wasting activities.

Note: Steve Jobs might have done a hundred different things but he worked very, very, very hard for his success. That part never changes.

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  1. Very well written article aditya…I agree to the fact that true creativity comes from interacting and knowing more about people…talk as much to the people as you can..know more and more things about different kinds of businesses and you will Not only grow but will make yourself much more innovative and enthusiastic to reach towards your goal..good read keep posting brother. .


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