Will you be interested in reviews by me of the books I read?

The books are stacking up in my bedroom. I have books packed up in cupboards, boxes and several just stacked up in a table. Yes, I am a bit of a bookworm and was wondering if you would be interested in reading up reviews of books I read.

I often share my thoughts about books on history groups on Facebook, but then wondered why not on my blog. Though at this blog, I plan to also write about why and how I ended up reading a particular book.

By the way, you can catch up on my book reading activities on my Goodreads account*.

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*GoodReads is a social network for book readers.

Update: Missed a preposition in the title which I have fixed, thanks to Gourav Jain for pointing it out. 😉

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    1. Thanks for the link to your book reviews. Yup, it could serve as a nice record for what you thought of a book immediately after one is completed.

  1. Definitely! By reading the books which you read and review must be fascinating stuff.. and yeah, I will also get a glimpse of your mind 🙂

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