The world is full of people who are a**holes. Well I decided to decode rather interpret them in my understanding of the Set Theory.

I was introduced to an interesting group about  twelve years ago. It was a wonderful group, they created, shared and consumed information freely. They communicated incessantly and usually if you asked for help, hundreds would volunteer some helpful advice.

Then slowly I realized that this group was full of jealous people. It was also full of name calling. I have been called arrogant, aloof, stupid, intelligent (I can understand sarcasm), hater and atheist (though this one I take no offence to).

I also came across falsehoods where Bill Gates apparently told the world that some guy in his school who stood first in class now works as an Microsoft Engineer while he dropped out. I also read that  Einstein had done research on mutants (apparently Physics and Biology were the same thing).

Then I have come across a great deal of disrespect. People wanting stuff to be banned for speaking their minds, people promoting bullying. Even governments trying to curtail freedom of speech and what not.

Over a span of time, my life has become a bigger part of this group. I make my living in from that group. Yes, in case you have guessed it, this group is the internet.

Before I come across as someone lambasting this wonderfully connected group, let me tell you its not very different from a much bigger group I was introduced to over thirty-two years ago. Human Beings. 😛

What do you think?

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  1. If being human means being compassionate and kind, it also means being selfish and jealous.. Thats just the way it is, just how we’re built… Don’t let someone else’s negativity kill your buzz though!


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