I was looking through an online conversation and realized that most friends of mine are completely against online censorship. Not just my friends but even people who are from an older generation are pretty much dead set against the idea of online censorship.

“No, we are not China and do not ever want to be” is the common war cry when some ministerial diktat suggests that people and their online behavior should be screened and controlled.

But something odd happens when people discuss censorship on television or the movies. For instance the same people who cry hoarse against online censorship actually support some control on content being shown on television and the movies.

For example the sanctimonious lot always find that risque advertisements are embarrassing to them. The same ads are fine while watching on YouTube but not on the television screen. The reason often given we cannot watch these ads with our families.

This actually even extends to movie posters suggesting that bold (only women dressed skimpily qualify as bold as men being half naked is quite a common sight – go to any temple or mela) poster embarrass parents.

Listen now buddy, censorship is censorship.

3 simple rules that will remove the need for censorship completely….

  • Don’t like something on television – use the remote control and change the channel.
  • Do not like a particular adult movie – do not watch it.
  • Do not like a bold film poster – do not see it.

By the way if you did not like my views you are free not to read my blog. 🙂 See it is that simple.

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    1. Yup. I call it the ‘Khule Saand’ syndrome where they say ‘Keep me in shackles, I lack the ability to take responsibilities of my actions’

      BTW thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂


  1. LOL! I like the three-step process. I have never failed to understand the censorship even in DVDs. Such things only lead to more piracy. I would certainly prefer to have the entire story, nakedness and all, than have the Government cut out some parts and tell me what I need to watch. I’d say FO and download it.


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