How to Follow Indian Values on Valentine’s Day?

As a kid growing up, I had no idea of this Valentine’s Day business. Even as a teenager I took just about a passing interest in it. Then the day became really important. Not thanks to a special someone but increasingly because of moralistic cultural police, that has in the past gone about bashing about young couples expressing love with cards, flowers etc..

They were apparently teaching Indian culture to these romantic couples. You see, India does not have romance (only arrangements made by parents) and India never celebrated love (except sex as proven in Kamasutra, Khajurao and population growth).

So I wonder what these cultural police exactly want? I guess considering parents should be involved and expression of love is not fine while sex is, then Indian values dictate that on Valentine’s Day, young people should tell their parents to find them partners to …. 😀

Anything else is obviously “western”.

Or maybe like this cartoon by Pawan explains it all, they just want to empty out shops so they can give the best gifts to their valentines.


(image via @meIHM)

This is one more reason I want to find Indian culture and kill it.

Note: This year the usual suspects (political parties) who carry out moral policing are lying low. Probably because of municipal elections in Mumbai.

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