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A few days ago (18th January 2012 to be precise), Wikipedia protested against a proposed bill by carrying out a blackout of its websites. I was reading something and Google about it (sorry cannot remember what precisely) and clicked on the first link in anticipation. It was a link to a Wikipedia article. Now as a blogger who covers technology, I had written about Wikipedia’s blackout but still got a bit of rude shock when it was blacked out.

I turned around and gave a glance to my bookcase. Twenty-two volumes of World Book Encyclopaedia stood regally. “Ah, I had almost forgotten them.” I thought to myself. I had not opened one of these for atleast over half a decade.

Basically what lay in the photo below…


Has been replaced by…


So what else has my laptop replaced…

I thought of writing down all the things I owned previously but did not need thanks to a laptop that is connected online. I do not need physical photo albums, chess sets, world books, manuals and guides, cassettes and CDs, wall clocks, wall calendars, pen and paper.

See the entire list at this Google+ update. Also thanks to +Chris Skinner for adding quite a few more that I missed.

Add more things you things you used 10 years ago but are not anymore thanks to technology in your comments.

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    1. Yes but you can keep in touch with your parents if you are living in a different city thanks to a computer than say 20 years ago. Also you can research your bike a lot better than ever, you can keep in touch with your best buddies a lot better.

      You cannot expect tech to replace your personal likes and relationships but it surely can enrich it a lot more.

      1. Yes, that I have to agree, computer has made it easier for us to be in touch with everyone around, no matter what there geographic location be, still it can’t be neglected that its making us lazy, unfit and unsocial as well.

      2. Computer makes us unfit, lazy and unsocial? How does it do that? Don’t computers save time giving us more time to do stuff? Can you write down why you feel it makes us lazy or unfit… 🙂

  1. wow! One of the things which I miss terribly is my dairy.. which has been replaced by a “Powered By WordPress” blog 🙂

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