Treating Men and Women Equally Since Today…

I am going to complain a bit here (and possibly come off as a Deepika Padukone fan, which I am not) . I came across this photo on my Facebook feed…


The lady in the image above is dating the son of a rich industrialist whose airline is facing bankruptcy.

If she was a man, who was dating the daughter of a rich industrialist facing bankruptcy – chances are this joke would not have been cracked.

I do not mind humour (even if politically incorrect) but lets start treating men and women equally since TODAY!!!!

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  1. I guess this refers to women being compared to moh-maya who distract men from the right path of austerity and honesty etc? Or to women making men lose all sense, financial, practical, familial etc.
    But I am sure if she was a man, the man too would have been taunted for being a future ‘ghar jamai’ or Joru ka Gulaam’ etc.

    1. @IHM: I have never seen male actors being made fun of for dating someone more successful or richer. That apart, this joke in one form or the other has been around months and it was getting a little disgusting.

      People say such stuff publicly only because they know they cannot be held accountable for it…

  2. Dude
    Its a Joke , take it that way , if we start to overanalyze things , we cannot even open our eyes everyday.
    The following one I really liked Deepika , Went to Yuvraj his form dropped , , Went to Ranbir his films Flopped , Went to Mallayas their airlines stopped , Darling please Deepilka go to Congress and Save India !!

    1. @Krish: I know many versions of that joke passing around on the net. The point I am making is if she were a man, the joke would not have been made because people would not find it funny…

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