MogamboI came across some interesting quotes over the last couple of weeks.

‘How much more time will you be beggars in Maharashtra?” Rahul Gandhi. (source)

“Will set fire to Walmart store!” – Uma Bharti. (source)

It is more suitable for a Hindi Film villain to mouth such lines. The bad news is such quotes are getting more common, showing how “uneducated” our political class has become.

But why blame these politicians as the people who elected them are not far behind. Just last week some youth slapped Sharad Pawar to protest against corruption. The youth is being celebrated and worse people are celebrating this random public act of violence.

Hmm maybe we do deserve B-grade villains.

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  1. I agree. The dialogues reveal them to be what they are. They can say anything and mean nothing, so long as there is some hope of the dialogues getting them votes.
    And celebrating a random act of violence shows how we just don’t care to give a thought to what it actually means to support violence and random lawlessness.


    1. I know the problem is our politicians will say anything as long as it gets them votes. Unfortunately there is no exception to this rule, which was always the saving grace of Indian politics.


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