Directory of Helpline Numbers in India

Mainly there are two reasons people do not get involved. First reason is most people do not want to get involved and the other is some people do not know how to get involved.

I thought why not remedy that to some extent. Here are some numbers you might want to try when facing or stopping domestic violence and abuse.


  • MAVA -Men Against Violence and Abuse – 24360631
  • Sakhya (a College of Social Work Project) 28727523
  • Majlis – Flavia Agnes – 26661252/ 26662394
  • Build -26555789/ 26433933
  • India Center for Human Rights & Law – Women & Law Unit 23759657, 23716690
  • One could also look up this link from JaagoRe India – Offers a temporary solution for women in distress (Added New).
  • The helpline number for stalking is 1096 or 27894455 Or one can send an SMS to 9911135446.

This post will be updated with newer numbers. Drop in other helpline numbers for India, of any kind so we can create a good directory. (You email will not be disclosed or misused.)

Credit: Kavita (for collecting all these numbers)

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  1. What help can elderly people get who have son that tortures them, but because he is a son and they don’t want to make a big issue in society , what can be done to resolve the matter and not hurt their self esteem

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