Many people (including yours truly) wondered what to make of the demands mad by ‘Team Anna’. I am not a fan of fasting and blackmailing the government in most cases, even though this sort of protest has a rich history and tradition in India. I think, a lot of people were worried that the protestors had no right to dictate terms to the parliament, as the parliament was supreme.

The Parliament is not supreme in India. The constitution is, and as long as the people protesting were not asking for something unconstitutional, their protest was legitimate.


I am still not comfortable with the idea of ‘indefinite fasts’ to force the government to act. Maybe it is time to make the politicians squirm and make them do some ‘work’ even though its not election season.Maybe its time to get out of the comfort zone and say “ I am ANNA”.

PS: Apologies to the ones who told me I should give up drawing – I decided to not heed their advice.

Published by Aditya Kane

I am a writer at heart and secretly want to be a world famous philosopher. I want the core tenets of the open source philosophy around software to make it’s way in education, politics, law and economics.

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