The Extremist’s Agenda!

This month in July, there have been two terror major events of terrorism. I am sure there have been more than just two – but the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai on July 13th and the terrorist strikes in Oslo, Norway happened on 22nd July.

The first one is being assumed to be the work of Islamic extremists (from India or supported from Pakistan or both– that’s another debate) and second one in Oslo was an extremist reaction to the supposed soft policy of the Norway government towards immigrants. The attacker’s ideology claims to preserve Christianized Europe.

Here is a pyramid on how terrorism groups evolve – agree it is slightly skewed but I am using it here to make a point.


Image Credit

It’s true that sympathizers lead to supporters who lead to radicals who then give rise the extremists who will carry out such terrible attacks. Majority of these radical groups work in the name of religion (though some sympathetic groups try to sound intellectual by suggesting its more about ‘culture’ and not ‘religion’).

This leads me to wonder if religion or culture serve’s any real purpose. I for one think there is no value in such systems which are more or less walling people into boxes of extremism.

Published by Aditya Kane

I am a writer at heart and secretly want to be a world famous philosopher. I want the core tenets of the open source philosophy around software to make it’s way in education, politics, law and economics.

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