Searching for “Indian culture”

I have lived all my life in India, but have still not figured out this great mysterious Indian culture. The culture in which young adults have no rights, cannot stand up for their own ideas and have to obey their parents.

The culture in which parents think of their 20 year old children as their property and ban them from doing as they please.

The culture where one person thinks his caste is superior to another but paints all countries in the west in a stereotypical way.

The culture where women are “allowed” to work or pursue higher studies.

The culture which celebrates fair and lovely fairness creams, yet readily calls the all western countries racists.

I really wish to find “Indian culture” so we know what we need to destroy and bury for good.

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  1. " The culture in which young adults have no rights, cannot stand up for their own ideas and have to obey their parents." Its the Indian culture which promotes and encourages the Joint Family system, where the onus is on team work to carry on the legend. Gujarati, Karnatic and Tamil cultures can be termed as good examples, where each section of the society has more or less prospered. However, the same culture has been misused and exploited in other parts of India.. mainly north. Harayana, Punjab, UP, Bihar are classic examples. Its all about adaptability .


    1. @Mohul: My grouse is not against people adapting but the fact that people are expected to adapt. Also the Joint Family in most cases systematically undermines individual rights and gives extraordinary powers to individuals to make financial, education and social decisions for entire family. And in most cases this right is not based on merit but on gender and age.


  2. I agree with Aditya Kane.

    This year there is little chance of us finding any teachers of Indian Culture, first the pink chaddis, then blackening of a much despised face, and finally journalists filming them watching rape videos in the Assembly – we are making it tough for them to save us from western values.


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