Don’t Worry Be Happy

Over the years I have always struggled to wonder what is the big deal about spiritualism, religion, materialism etc etc.. I mean seriously what is with these new age gurus like Deepak Chopra, Sri Sri Ravishanker and others. The list is huge and some of you might even be ardent followers. If you are, you might want stop reading and visit some other page.

The whole things of finding inner peace, being at peace with yourself and meditation never really cuts the ice with me. I think its all just a whole lot of baloney and mainly we are just inventing new words for a simple and uncomplicated word in English called ‘Happy’

We create too many complexities in our lives. Women want their men to be smart, intelligent, funny but rarely end up with one. Men want their women to be hot but homely (BTW ‘Homely’ the word is a travesty) but rarely do men end up with that woman. Ofcourse how can they, they are not smart, funny and intelligent enough. šŸ˜›

So we work 12 hours a day, by the latest cell phones which we love to play around with and showoff. We buy the laptops, iPods, gadgets that would shame James Bond and not to forget those wide flat screens. We work 12 hours a day, watch TV for 5 hours and another 3 hours go online. Then we complain of being stressed out or exhausted.

This is when we look towards Deepak Chopra, Sri Sri … (too long a name) and marijuana to expand our minds and find the inner peace. Lame is’nt it?

When you were a kid did you play Cricket or Footbal because you were paid to or because you felt it was important. No we play sports, jump up and down on beds, eat double sundaes, get dirt on our clothes and a lot more when we are kids. We watch cartoons which make us happy. ‘Happy’ that word again.

So next time you feel you need some inner peace go out and play a sport or turn on Tom and Jerry. Don’t worry, Be happy. šŸ˜€

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  1. Rightly said bro;there are too many illusionists these days who will make u think they are helping u and followers think that they are doing something worthwhile.Say : Dil Behlane ke liye Ghalib khayal acchha jeene do yaar unko un khayalon ki duniya mein :)there are a very few Practical ppl.thats what i know.But u put it very well…

  2. Plenty of other things one can do as well. Books, music, going for a walk in the garden, sex, food, or simply lazing around looking out of the window at the rain falling. Why limit yourself?

  3. Very well written Aditya… Whenever I feel in need of "inner peace" I go to Odyssey or CrossWord, grab a coffee and sit there for hours going through books šŸ™‚ :)Tom & Jerry and Mr. Beans are another options that works for me.. šŸ™‚

  4. @kavita: I get your point. But I am not defining what should make you happy rather I am just stating that we should do what makes us happy. If you feel happy staring at a wall even thats cool. (note: must be some interesting wall :-P)@anshul: Crosswords is my favorite place too. Any place that sells books is a shrine for me.

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