The Republic.

Almost sixty years ago the remnants of a old civilization went on to become a republic. The King was told he can take a hike, the governor general’s position defunct we now had a President.
No longer was power to flow in a ad-hoc manner. No longer would men and women be
treated unequally and religion would not hold a person at an disadvantage.
No longer would there be dynasties ruling us but only men and women with merit.

With dreamy eyes in the early 1950s the young felt they would lead the republic to glory. The republic was a five thousand year old civilization which now planned to take the world by strom one more time. The young and educated planned to stoke the fires of freedom forward. Not freedom from a foreign rule but freedom from prejudice, freedom to choose and freedom to be educated and finally the freedom to live.

Circa 2009
The remnants of the old civilization keep withering away because not because of the influence of west but because of the incompetence of cultural police. Culture cannot be policed is a concept that is lost.

The Queen lives as gentle reminder to the world of what the Birtish had been once upon a time and our President is elected only because her main qualification is she is a woman. Men and women are equals but expeted to be not equals not just in society but even legally. Women must accept the cultural boundaries of her freedom otherwise push free and die young and your states chief minister will complain you were being too adventurous for a girl.
The dynasties are back. The ones only happen to be born to people who likewise were happened to be born to some people who also incidentally happened to be born to someone who had a bit of power still aspire for the highest office.

These products of the dynasties play the youth card well but not the merit card. The young who try to lead and change in this republic literally face a very short life span. The republic has now actually taken the world by storm. But it has not been able to come to terms with its place nor hope from its own people. The young and educated have to still stoke the fires of freedom forward.

Freedom from its dynasties and its prejudice and old men of eighty looking to lead a youtheful revolution. I have no choice but to wait for chance to vote for no-one at the elections. Until them I wont vote for all these bastards who promise different things but deliver only the rape of the Republic.

Published by Aditya Kane

I am a writer at heart and secretly want to be a world famous philosopher. I want the core tenets of the open source philosophy around software to make it’s way in education, politics, law and economics.

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