Ramblings on the Beliefs….

First of all, before anyone thinks of me as a heretic or cdontroversial, let me make it clear. I have great regard for people of faith. The strength they can get is something thats real. And inner strength is always respectable.
But this article is lets say my ramblings on Faith, God, Religion, Beliefs etc etc….

About two years ago when my grandfather passed away, my mother had a intersting question.
Obviously after a lot of prayers were said to come to terms with the pain of losing someone you loved.
So the question was “How do people who dont belive in God come to terms with such loss? How they get strength from?”
I felt it was a interesting question, a question that can be very thorny… or is it? Maybe just the answer is full of thorns and not the question itself.
Okay okay, me no Socrates so let me not get too philosophical….
Ah yes , cut two years down the line.
One of my best buddies today is a Muslim. Looking at religion, me being a Hindu we are pretty solidly looking in opposite directions when it comes to faith or culture. Yes being a Gujrati Muslim means the mother tongue is different too, but… hmm we are great friends.
Now now, I am not one of those dopes to write that no religion teaches you to murder, nor does any religion teach hate… Sure it doesnt.
Eureka! I got it.
Now I am thinking of a situation… the is man on kid on the road riding a bicycle. The kid falls off and hits the ground. About nine out of ten of us would go up to that kid and check if the kid’s fine.
So when you think about kid, are you doing so because religion teaches you so… I mean would a atheist be any less concerned? I doubt it.
So here is my two pence on concept of God.
You can not know if God exists or not. You can only believe. So whats the big fuss about? Isnt knowledge higher than belife? If I cant go to heaven, because I don’t believe in a certain religion then I tell God, yeah I tell God himself that you can keep your heaven. I don’t care about afterlife anyways. Id rather live life for today, and make it count right here, right now. No, I am not a atheist, I am not religious, I am not even someone who has a clear idea of God, frankly I am not even sure if I believe in God. Yeah, I do pray every night, not for God to hear me, but rather it makes me feel good. Its probably psychological hardwire… Frankly I think its best I do what I do, so I can live with my self. Other than that if God, if he does happen to exist wants me to do anything more, I wouldn’t care a damn.

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