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The first memory I have of astronauts as a kid was that of i was less than five years old, maybe even younger than five when Rakesh Sharma was in the Russian space module.

The next memory of space being fascinating was disucussing planets with my mom. And then later the history of space race between the US and USSR, while watching the movie “The Right Stuff”.

In a few days, 22nd of Oct 2008 some scientists will send a small Lunar Module called Chandrayaan 1.

The number “1” indicates it will be the first of the series for many to come.

I know an Indian astronaut being sent to space in an Indian spacecraft is still a long way away. But this mission means we are on our way.

Once our moon mission is done, I am sure political parties will take credit directly and indirectly.

Oh how I wish we could send them on a one way trip to the moon…..


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